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Join the Luminary Club!

Are you interested in joining the Luminary Club? This is a highly exclusive group - invite-only - of decision making executives that directly allocate budgets to vendors and service providers. We help each other learn and grow, both professionally and personally, while having memorable experiences.

Professional Benefits include: Connection with your Luminary peers through an exclusive member only networking; Peer collaboration opportunities on vendors, service providers, roadmaps, pain-points, brainstorming, and more; Discovery of career advancement opportunities through our trusted network; Preferred access to our events; 
Peer Insights:  Receive aggregated, anonymized monthly survey results.

Personal Benefits include: Help for your family members - leverage our network to assist children looking for precious internships or jobs; Charitable support with Luminate AI; Fun events (Golf, Fishing, and more).

The only requirement is a 15 minute survey per month.  Anonymous, aggregated results will be shared with the Luminary Club. On a best efforts basis, we would like you to: Participate in our events; Be open to professional, vendor, and service provider introductions that add value to you; Refer potential qualified members to become a Luminary.

There is no cost to join this exclusive group and members are free to opt-out at any time!

Key Member Qualifications:  Luminaries are senior decision-making leaders that are actively employed, directly and/or highly influential in budget decisions and allocation to services and vendors within data, AI, and tech. Vendors are not allowed unless they are buyers and decision makers for their own organization. 
Members are invitation only, either from Luminate AI, or through introduction by other Luminary Club members.  All members are qualified and assessed regularly by Luminate AI to ensure they are 1) senior and active budget allocators, 2) fulfilling membership responsibilities such as completion of the monthly survey.  


Luminate AI is committed to making an impact with its community.

For our inaugural Luminary Club Charity initiative, we are committed to donating up to $100K to your causes.

How it works

- Luminary Club members can participate – you can start today after registering!

- Contact your potential Luminary additions with the summary of club benefits on this page and this self-registration page link ( where they add your name for referral.  

- Please feel free to invite peers in your company as long as they satisfy Membership Qualifications. 

- We donate $50 per Luminary that you sign up to one 501C3 of your choice.  

- For the Luminary that adds the most net new members, we will donate an additional $5,000.

- The Luminaries you sign up can also participate in this contest.

- Period for Submissions:  June 21, 2023 – July 7, 2023.

Key Terms

- Minimum of 5 signups required to qualify; Additional donation amounts are based on increments of 5 member adds.  (e.g. 3 net new Luminaries = $0 donation, 5 net new = $250, 12 net new = $500)

- Net new members must satisfy Key Member Qualifications, as reviewed and determined by Luminate AI

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