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Are there press or public investors at Luminate AI events?
No.  We run our events under Chatham House Rule.
“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.” – Chatham House

Are there any costs or commitments?
No financial cost.  We only require one 15-minute survey to be completed each month.  We provide these valuable peer survey insights in an anonymized, non-attributed fashion to the members of our Luminary Club – our “Luminaries.” 

Can you tell me more about the survey requirement?
We understand and respect that the demands on your time are deep and varied.  Our events and community building efforts have no financial cost to Luminaries. This survey is a
critical component for Luminate AI to deliver value to the Luminary Club community.  

Luminaries will receive anonymized, non-attributed, aggregated responses providing a valuable pulse into peers’ use cases, vendors, pain points, and more.  Based on these insights, we will create events for you for joint problem solving.  We connect you to other Luminaries that are solving the same issues, so you can have trusted discovery.  Any, and all intros are 100% opt-in.  The only introductions to vendors will be the ones that you opted into.

To remain in good standing, Luminaries must fill out surveys with at least a 75% completion rate on an annualized 12-month rolling basis.  

Does it matter where I live?
No!  We have a diverse group of Luminaries in many locations and are expanding quickly!  We have had many in-person events in the NYC metro-area, but are expanding to other metro areas.  We will have virtual events as well.


I am not an expert in Data Science or AI.  Am I the right fit?
You were invited because you are a high-impact thought leader whose decisions on vendors and services have significant impact at your firm.  Data and AI are impacting every facet of the business process, from core infrastructure to customer service, and you are responsible for navigating the hype to drive real business value.  Your active engagement and interest in paving the way forward through learning and action are what we and the community value. Through our events and introductions, we will help each other apply the best use cases and solutions to drive value for your business and your career.

What do you mean by "Data and AI budget owner or decision maker?"
The Luminary Club is an exclusive group of senior decision makers that directly or heavily influence spend and budget allocations in any part of the ecosystem that is impacted by or drives business processes through Data Science.  From core infrastructure and platforms to internal facing analytics to customer customer-facing functions, data science and AI are
driving change everywhere.  

Luminaries drive use cases and solutions within their organizations and have a responsibility to perform.  Are you a strategic and operational leader that is responsible for solving problems leveraging data science and AI through vendor tools and services?  You are well qualified to be a Luminary!

How can you help with vendors?
I get too many vendor introductions, how is this different?
The process of speaking with front-line sales takes too long, can you help?

We want to save you time and money by helping you make the most effective evaluations and decisions.
We are a bridge to senior management of vendor partners.  We can introduce you to senior peers in sales, product, or technology to save you time and money.  Get executive sponsorship to fast track your implementations.  

When you engage with partners, who do you want to speak to quickly arrive at a decision to move forward to evaluate another partner?  
We also have a pulse on what your peers are doing.  Interested in connecting with a peer that is also evaluating or has deployed a specific solution?  We can help you get the insights you need for your specific demands.  

Any introductions are opt-in only, and we are driven to help you find the best solution that fits your needs.

Another advantage of being an engaged Luminary is that you will have opportunities to contribute and learn from organic growth of rapidly evolving use cases.  The peer collaborations and interactions with this exclusive and accomplished group will drive tremendous insights and tangible value.

I am currently transitioning jobs. Am I the right fit?
Luminaries must be actively employed, but we accept applications for those who are in transition.  Once a Luminary, you will have opportunities to elevate your professional trajectory
through our peer networking. 

Can I opt-out of the club at any time?
Yes.  Email us at:
If you would like to rejoin the community, please contact us and confirm that you continue to fulfill Luminary requirements and we will reinstate your membership after review.

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